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Need a Plumber in St. Catharines? Choose a Professional.

Plumbing is one of the unsung heroes of infrastructure: you never know how good you have it until you have lost it. From the bad: (a backed-up toilet) to the good (a new tub or basement washroom), to the ugly (expensive water damage caused by a leak), a professionalplumber in St. Catharines can be as valued as Clint Eastwood. That is where we come in. In addition to decades of plumbing experience in St. Catharines, we use cutting edge plumbing techniques such as non-invasive video camera inspection and trenchless sewer line repair technology. Experience and innovation: that’s what make us one of the most popular plumbers in St. Catharines and throughout the Niagara Region.

Not Enough Hot Water for Showers and Your Dishwasher?

As St. Catharines grows, so do our families. As parents we might need to take refresher courses, learn new skills, and just become better people. The same can be said of our plumbing. More people living in the same house means we need more hot water for things like showering, running the dishwasher, or even heating our homes if we have an older home and rely upon radiators for heat.

As we have grown as a company and become more engaged with the community, we have come to understand theplumbing needs of people throughout St. Catharines. From adding value and convenience to your North End home with a new basement bathroom, to repairing a hot tub pump in Martindale Heights, we understand your plumbing needs. Our plumbers will recommend the course of action that is right for your plumbing situation, from short-term repairs to long-term solutions.

Get the Hot Water Heater That Suits Your Family’s Needs

Whether it makes sense to replace your hot water heater with a more efficient electric model, or convert to natural gas, we will provide an honest, informed recommendation. Heck, we might even recommend a tankless water heater, depending upon your family’s needs, budget and long-term plans.

Plumbing for Older Buildings, Restaurants and Rental Units

If you are a business you know that exposed bricks are something you absolutely want in your retail or entertainment space. A restored, retro building on St. Paul Street always stands head and shoulders above anything in a strip mall.As plumbers in St. Catharines, we can re-route your plumbing to present your business, rental unit or pop-up in the best light possible.

We can alsorelocate plumbing fixtures such as sinks, toilets, icemakers, and dishwashers to give your kitchen, restaurant, or rental unit a more modern and efficient floorplan.

Save Time and Money by Choosing a Professional Plumber

When you install a new low-flush toilet, you want it to become integrated into your bathroom with no leaks and no fuss.Like many things in life, experience counts when it comes to plumbing projects. When tackled by the inexperienced, simple upgrades can turn into expensive nightmares.

When you choose us for your plumbing projectsyou are getting the peace of mind that comes with a job well done by professionals. You will also avoid the mess, hassle, and can of worms that is often associated with DIY projects. As an experienced company with great word of mouth, we are never satisfied until you are, so you know your plumbing job will be done properly.

What’s more, if your plumbing project involves installing water-saving plumbing fixtures, fixing leaks, or upgrading your furnace, your plumbing project may end up paying for itself in the long run.

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